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Install your WiFi Router in the Attic Part II People want to experience fast and reliable wireless Internet at home and as more and more devices use the Internet we want to improve our coverage to help keep everything connected. In March, we published “Install your WiFi In the… Read More
Schnizzfest 2017 TruMethods hosted their 8th annual member only Schnizzfest this past week in Philadelphia designed specifically for managed service providers (MSPs) from around the world to get together and focus on the process of improving their business. Digux has attended 6… Read More
Comprehensive Security Plan The Internet is a global system full of unethical hackers who operate under very loose moral codes, spend most of their time outsmarting their victims, and blackmailing businesses especially those who have invested very little into a comprehensive security plan.… Read More
Fourteen Years of the Digux Website Today marks the fiftieth edition of our Predictably Better newsletter and we have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our technology and business experiences with you on everything from our business plan to complex topics such as the cloud and disaster recovery planning… Read More
Install your WiFi Router in the Attic Install your WiFi Router in the Attic Most of us have WiFi Internet at home and use it for either work or personal related tasks. Sometimes depending on where we are in the home the signal can be low and… Read More
Perform a Cloud Refresher Our friends over at HP published an informative article on the cloud that is worth reading.  If your business is interested in making a cloud related technology change this article can certainly help provide clarify into the different cloud options… Read More
Fix OneDrive from Loading Slowly in Windows 10 If you have many pictures or documents saved in OneDrive then you may be experiencing this problem. If you want to know how to fix OneDrive from loading slowing in Windows 10 then keep reading. We have put together a simple process to speed up access to the… Read More
How to Password Protect Files before Securely Sharing Sending sensitives files to family, friends, colleagues, vendors, or customers using email without some level of encryption is insecure and can lead to undesirable results. Our goal today is to outline several simple steps to password protect your files and… Read More
Are you an Outsider? Digux is helping a local company based out of Seattle spread the word about its awesome new product named the Outsider device to the community. The Outsider is a weatherproof, wearable Bluetooth remote you can use to walkie-talkie with your… Read More
Our 2017 Business Plan Catch up on our prior year goals and what we accomplished here: Our 2016 Business Plan Our 2015 Business Plan Every year we set aside some time and continue to develop our life and business plan as a way for… Read More
Smart Home Technology (IoT) This is a great article to read if you want to get started on some fun and creative ways to bolt on some new technology to improve your homes’ IQ. Before we dive in, we wanted to set the stage… Read More
On-Premise Exchange or Office 365? If you were thinking about migrating email into Office 365 we have outlined several pros and cons related to on-premise Exchange and the Office 365 solution that we think you will find helpful to make a decision. It’s almost been… Read More