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Are you an Outsider? Digux is helping a local company based out of Seattle spread the word about its awesome new product named the Outsider device to the community. The Outsider is a weatherproof, wearable Bluetooth remote you can use to walkie-talkie with your… Read More
Our 2017 Business Plan Catch up on our prior year goals and what we accomplished here: Our 2016 Business Plan Our 2015 Business Plan Every year we set aside some time and continue to develop our life and business plan as a way for… Read More
Smart Home Technology (IoT) This is a great article to read if you want to get started on some fun and creative ways to bolt on some new technology to improve your homes’ IQ. Before we dive in, we wanted to set the stage… Read More
On-Premise Exchange or Office 365? If you were thinking about migrating email into Office 365 we have outlined several pros and cons related to on-premise Exchange and the Office 365 solution that we think you will find helpful to make a decision. It’s almost been… Read More
How to Communicate Effectively with Digux for Personal Service In most, if not all team environments, communication is the key to success especially when working with technology solutions. Our goal today is to outline several ways we can help our customers communicate with us more effectively: To reach Digux… Read More
Wireless HDMI Streaming A handy new device we should consider adding into our tech toolkit is the Actiontec ScreenBeam Mini2 Wireless Display Receiver. In a business setting this is a great wireless tool to connect our laptop to the conference room TV or… Read More
Our Referral Program Digux loves to help people with technology and that is one of the core reasons why we all get out of bed every morning and come into the office. Our ultimate dream is to have the ability to wave a… Read More
Affordable Home Office Printer This month’s newsletter topic is probably not the most exciting by a long shot but everyone needs an affordable home office printer that will last a long time and has some basic bells and whistles. We recommend purchasing the HP… Read More
Hiring New Technical Resources Hiring new technical talent is a complicated and complex undertaking that can take many years to fine-tune. The idea seems simple right? Hire a person who can show up on time, do the job, follow through on tasks, get along… Read More
Our First-Aid Kit As a way for us to demonstrate how much we care about our customers we provide them with a custom first-aid kit that includes everything from batteries to a spare laptop. This solution helps our customers get back to work… Read More
Smart Surveillance for your Home & Business Are you interested in finding an inexpensive surveillance system for your home or business without having to spend a boat load of money on the equipment and installation? Netgear offers a solution known as Arlo that includes a 100% wire-free… Read More
Security Detection & Response One of our goals this year is to roll out a whole slew of security detection and response technologies we have developed to improve the security posture for all of our customers. We use many different technology platforms in our… Read More