September 19, 2013

Physical Security


Every business should have safe guards in place to protect their data from the various physical security threats that exist.  We have put together a short list of things you should consider doing for your protection:

  • Create a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for employees so they are clear on how they should use phones, tablets, laptops, USB storage devices, etc. at the office.
  • If you have an on-premise server, make sure you have it mounted in a locked server enclosure. If you have a cloud server, make sure your vendor provides you with detailed information on where/how it’s physically handled (Should be in a secure facility).
  • Do not bring your backup hard-drives out of the office. In other words, if you are rotating hard-drives and taking them offsite this is a bad idea. Exposing all of your data to a trip between the office and home is a disaster waiting to happen. A myriad of secure offsite backup solutions exist that excludes human interaction with data to increase security.
  • Do not leave passwords unattended under keyboards or on your desk in plain sight.
  • Change ALL passwords at least every 90 to 120 days.
  • Disable USB storage devices on computers when applicable.
  • Do not let customers or strangers connect to your WiFi that is connected to your corporate network. Enable the guest feature or segment the WiFi completely.
  • Do not let customers or strangers use a computer that is connected to your corporate network. They could accidentally infect your computer system with a nasty virus or plug in a USB storage device that has a virus that could damage or expose data.
  • Make sure your business has cyber liability insurance.
  • Keep track of who has physical access to your office and or server enclosure. In other words, keep a list of who has keys or security codes.
  • Make sure your computers lock automatically after a certain time frame after walking away from them. This can be done with a screen saver.
  • If your computer screen displays confidential information where others can see it, make sure to pick up a privacy guard for your monitor. You can see the screen clearly, however individuals outside the viewing area will not be able to see the information displayed.

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