February 28, 2012

Server Enclosure Maintenance


Small to medium sized businesses should have their equipment physically stored in a locked enclosure as a safe guard to protect their data/equipment from theft. Additionally, this improves airflow, keeps the equipment from abruptly moving around, and elminates unneccessary dust. In the past several weeks, Digux helped one of our customers upgrade to a larger server enclosure. This process requires experience and proper planning. During the planning stages we identified several other components the customer needed such as a new 220 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Rack mount slide-out monitor with built-in KVM switch, compatible rails to mount the servers, and a secondary network switch for failover purposes. To make sure all of the new equipment fit along side the existing equipment, we create a replica of the enclsoure in Microsoft Visio. We also share this Microsft Visio document with the client to help assist when understanding the physical environment. Our enlcsoure transfer was a success and now the customer has more reliable power, network failover, and ease of access to all their servers via a slide-out monitor these amoungst a larger list of important requirements all businesses should have. Digux has performed 30+ enclosure transition/setups and maintenances off of their own infrastructure in a Bellevue datacenter.
Here is our network administrator Alexander hard at work:


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